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📚📖📝 #Olot acull demà la jornada ‘Ciutat i Joves’, el punt de trobada i espai de reflexió impulsat per XCECG @EducatingCities per potenciar l’educació en el seu sentit més ampli. #educació: #present i #futur.


#CiutatsEducadores @olotciutatedu

El Día Internacional de la Ciudad Educadora tendrá lugar en en #Gijón/#Xixón del día 25 de este mes hasta el 1 de diciembre.

Más de 80 actividades para todos los públicos. Consulta el folleto y las actividades

Lagoa (Algarve) hosts the First Meeting of Educating Cities of the Algarve

The City Council of Lagoa convenes cities in the Algarve with the aim of disseminating the concept of Educating City and sharing projects and good practices. [...]

This September the environment is in the headlines again

Many global initiatives to raise awareness on action against climate change will take place during this month. [...]

Gunsan, León-Guanajuato and Setúbal win the Educating Cities’ Award

The winning projects of the 2nd edition of the Educating Cities’ Award are: “Gunsan City’s Old Downtown Regeneration Project”, León-Guanajuato's programme “Women networks without violence” and the initiative “Our Neighbourhood, our city”, from Setúbal. [...]

Regional meeting – South Córdoba Educating Cities (Argentina)

The Regional Meeting of Educating Cities from South Córdoba took place in the city of Río Cuarto on August the 3rd. [...]

Meeting of the Argentina Network of Educating Cities

The Meeting of the Argentina Network of Educating Cities (RACE): “Education and early childhood, the role of the Educating City” takes place in Cosquín on 26th July.


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Latest news on the 15th International Congress of the IAEC

127 experiences from 73 cities and 13 countries have been selected to be presented at the 15th International Congress of Educating Cities, which will take place in Cascais (Portugal) on 13-16 November. 80 belong to the category Experiences for Discussion and 47 to the Experiences on Smart Boards. [...]

Meeting of the Portuguese Network

On June 29 a meeting of the Portuguese Network of Educating Cities was held in Loures. [...]

Job Offer 1/2018: Officer

The IAEC seeks an officer to join the IAEC Secretariat team in order to provide support and contribute to meet the objectives of the Association’s Action Plan. [...]

Focus Experience 30

The Neighbourhood Guardian Program of Cascais (Portugal) was created in 2009 in order to encourage citizens to participate voluntarily in the improvement of the quality of life in their neighbourhoods. [...]