Congress Declarations

Declaration of Curitiba May 2024

The 17th International Congress of Educating Cities was held in Curitiba on 21-24 May, under the theme: “Sustainability, Innovation and Inclusion in the Educating City: transforming the present”.

Declaration of Andong October 2022

Andong hosted the 16th International Congress in October 2022, centered on "Shaping the future of education: innovation, tradition and inclusion”

Declaration of Cascais November 2018

The 15th IAEC Congress held in Cascais focused on the importance of social cohesion and fostering a feeling of belonging to the city.

Declaration of Rosario June 2016

The 14th IAEC Congress held in Rosario worked mainly on the issue of living together.

Declaration of Barcelona November 2014

The 13th IAEC Congress held in Barcelona focused on social inclusion.

Declaration of Changwon April 2012

The 12th IAEC Congress “Green Environment, Creative Education” took place in Changwon (Republic of Korea) from 25 to 29 April 2012.

Declaration of Guadalajara April 2010

In the 10th IAEC Congress, which took place in Guadalajara, a declaration on “Sport, Public Policies and Citizenship. Challenges of an Educating City” was agreed.

Charter of São Paulo April 2008

Within the framework of the 10th IAEC Congress of Sao Paulo (Brazil) the following Charter was agreed.

Declaration of Lyon September 2006

The 9th IAEC Congress pointed out the need of promoting “People's place in the City”.

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