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2023 Report on Activities

The IAEC 2023 Report on Activities is now available. Check it out here!

Focus Experience 48

Discover Curitiba's Municipal School of Sustainability here! [...]

Interview with Mayor of Gijón/Xixón

Carmen Moriyón highlights initiatives in the fields of participation, lifelong learning, leisure, health, sports, culture, and work-life balance, and extends her gratitute to IAEC delegates that attended the 16th Meeting of Spanish Network held in Gijón.

Online Workshop: Building the IAEC Code of Ethics

Don't miss it! September 28th at 13:00 PM (Barcelona local time). [...]

Interview with Mayor of Curitiba

Mr. Rafael Greca introduces us to the main initiatives of Curitiba, an iconic city of sustainability, in the fields of education, inclusion, and mobility, and invites us to participate in the 17th International Congress of Educating Cities, which will take place in the municipality in May 2024. [...]

Focus Experience 47

We present Passo Fundo's Prisma Geek Space! [...]

Interview with Mayor of Brussels

Mr. Philippe Close reports on the city's initiatives in the areas of inclusion, equal opportunities, access to essential services, mental health, democratic citizenship and other good practices in formal and non-formal education. Don't miss it! [...]

Interview with Mayor of San Pedro Tlaquepaque

Mrs. Mirna Citlalli addresses the main inciatives carried out in Tlaquepaque in the field of education, sports, culture, and the fight against gender-based violence. [...]

Focus Experience 46

We present the 'Air-raid shelter' of Sant Just Desvern! [...]