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Through this online publication we bring you one of the more than 500 BIDCE’s experiences from different issues such as citizenship participation, leisure, lifelong learning, community development, sustainable development, intergenerational relationship, etc.

Municipal School of Sustainability Curitiba

An innovative space that promotes environmental education in the city of Curitiba, located in a recovered natural landscape that implements diverse and intersectoral training actions, intended for different audiences, from children and teenagers to adults and the elderly.

Prisma Geek Space Passo Fundo

A disruptive space for creative learning, reading and authorship, incorporating print and digital media, which covers literature, education, culture, arts, technology and games, that has emerged to consolidate Passo Fundo as a regional centre for culture, education and innovation.

Air-raid shelter Sant Just Desvern

The shelter is a testimony to civil resistance that allows us to learn from the past and reflect on the dangers and consequences of armed conflict. Further, it contributes to the creation of a collective identity by discovering and recovering forgotten aspects of local and national history.

Generation S Esposende

The project, implemented in all schools of Esposende, is based on a food sustainability plan that seeks to promote a change in attitudes and behaviors among the new generations in the face of global environmental problems.

Codepillars Club Caguas

The city of Caguas is promoting the Codepillars Club project with the aim of encouraging girls to take an interest in professions related to science, technology, engineering and design.

Public Veterinary Hospitals São Paulo

An initiative to democratise access to veterinary care with the aim of ensuring the welfare of dogs and cats living in economically vulnerable households.

Bilbao, City of Values Bilbao

A project that aims to position values as the driving forces behind human development in the city!

Housing First Lisbon

Housing First is an innovative model of care for homeless people that advocates that in order to get off the streets, people must first have access to individual, decent and permanent housing.

Senior Knowledge Buenos Aires

Senior Knowledge is a non-formal educational programme where senior citizens volunteer as teachers to share their knowledge in various disciplines with other elderly people, either in face-to-face or virtually.

Focus Experience

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