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Through this online publication we bring you one of the more than 500 BIDCE’s experiences from different issues such as citizenship participation, leisure, lifelong learning, community development, sustainable development, intergenerational relationship, etc.

School of Social Entrepreneurship Rosario

The School offers training and mentoring to personal, family and associative entrepreneurial projects in the six districts of the city, with an approach based on popular education.

Superblock Barcelona Barcelona

The Barcelona Superblock is articulated as a comprehensive plan that aims to foster the equitable, healthy, safe and sustainable use of urban space.

Sustainable Food Plan Rennes

A municipal system of agro-ecological, fair and local collective catering that aims at promoting a balanced diet, consistent with the principles of sustainable development and based on a strong link between producers and consumers.

Legislative Volunteering Godoy Cruz

Legislative Volunteering is a meeting space designed to engage citizens in the participatory co-construction of legislative initiatives that help solve important public issues.

Street classrooms Andong

'Street Classrooms' is a groundbreaking partnership between municipal education institutions and local commerce in order to provide training spaces organised according to the demand of people interested.

The Friendship Park Montevideo

Inclusive park for children, young people and adults that fosters socialisation, inclusion and learning. The games are adapted to the functional diversity of visitors in an open space, where people with and without disabilities can play, meet up and have fun.

Rooftop allotments Barcelona

Rooftop allotments are installed in disused municipal buildings in order to contribute to the increase of green spaces in the city, and also to promote people with various disabilities or mental health problems, who participate actively in the allotments, improving their inclusion and learning.

Neighbourhood Guardian Cascais (Portugal)

The Neighbourhood Guardian Program was created in Cascais (Portugal) in order to encourage citizens to participate voluntarily in the improvement of the quality of life in their neighbourhoods.

The House of Urban Cultures of Dakar Dakar(Senegal)

The House of Urban Cultures of Dakar, in Senegal, was created to promote a new framework of expression and training for young people waiting to devote themselves professionally to different urban cultures, such as hip-hop, disk-jockeying, graffiti, dance, urban poetry, etc.

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