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The fight against gender-based violence: ‘Purple Points’ and Centres for the Promotion of Egalitarian Behaviours

New project by Solidaridad | Playa del Carmen at the IAEC Bank of Experiences!

‘Acompañar’ Programme: Lifelong Learning

New initiative by San Justo at the IAEC Bank of Experiences! [...]

‘Punt Afectes’: Promoting emotional and relational health within the youth population

How to encourage mental wellbeing and healthy relationships among young people? [...]

Focus Experience 46

We present the 'Air-raid shelter' of Sant Just Desvern! [...]

Recovering identity through bread, ‘regueifa’ and biscuits

Initiative that aims to recover the bakery tradition of the municipality of Valongo. Check it out at the IAEC Bank of Experiences! [...]

Green Currency: Exchanging organic waste for money

Discover this organic waste separation program in Santiago (Brazil) here! [...]

«Local Initiative» in Katowice

New project at the Bank of Experiences! [...]

Focus Experience 36

The Barcelona Superblock is articulated as a comprehensive plan that aims to foster the equitable, healthy, safe and sustainable use of urban space. [...]