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#EducatingCityDay Launch

2021 International Day of the Educating City

30 years, 30 lessons learned

30 Anniversary of the Charter of Educating Cities & International Day of the Educating City 2020!

New Charter of Educating Cities

Dialogue with Mr. Joan Manuel del Pozo, Ms. Yayo Herrero and Ms. Maria Truñó. The new document reinforces issues such as gender or sustainability, it includes a specific principle dedicated to health and care, and gives more weight to culture. It also incorporates new topics such as the digital divide or big data. Y

Methodological Guide

How to build an Educating City? Video with the main features of the IAEC Methodological Guide, which helps cities start, renew or reaffirm their commitment as an educating city.

2019 Highlights

IAEC Report on Activities.

2019 International Day of the Educating City

Over 150 cities from 14 countries joined in!

Living in an Educating City

By the Latin American Delegation.

Focus Experience

Charter of Educating Cities


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