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Otra propuesta de educación municipal. Somos @EducatingCities y trabajamos para que los ciudadanos conozcan el lugar en el que viven. Los colegios e institutos de Santander ya tienen disponibles unidades para poder jugar en el recreo o las aulas.

Today we are meeting with Andong city to prepare the upcoming International Congress of Educating Cities
🌱"Shaping the future of education: innovation, tradition and inclusion”
🗓️25-28 October 2022
✈️We look forward to seeing you in Andong!

[🚨 #Consultancy alert!]
The material shared in the Metropolis Through #Children’s Eyes contest is now a claim to transform them into policy recommendations and innovative insights
🎨 https://t.co/ZKbqCCZRPc

Submit your proposal by 20 Jan.!
🔽 Details: https://t.co/nDS9QtfouJ

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