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Educating Cities’ Award to good practices in “Values-Based Education”

You can now check the final list of candidates for the 2024 Educating Cities Award [...]

9 National Meeting of the Brazil Network

São Paulo acoge el IX Encuentro de la REBRACE: "Promover y fortalecer aprendizajes transformadores en los territorios de la ciudad" los días 4 y 5 de octubre de 2023, donde Curitiba renueva su mandato como ciudad coordinadora para los próximos 2 años. [...]

16 Meeting of the Spanish Network

Follow the plenary sessions and download the official photos of the meeting here.


5th Meeting of Educating Cities in Mexico

Guanajuato, chosen as the new coordinating city of the Mexico Network! Don't miss the Activity Report of the Network 2018-2023, available here for consultation. [...]

Interview with Mayor of Gijón/Xixón

Carmen Moriyón highlights initiatives in the fields of participation, lifelong learning, leisure, health, sports, culture, and work-life balance, and extends her gratitute to IAEC delegates that attended the 16th Meeting of Spanish Network held in Gijón.

International Day of the Educating City

November 30 is approaching. Tell us how you will celebrate it, and download the Manifesto and the event promotional video here! [...]

Executive Committee Meeting

Curitiba hosts the IAEC Executive Committee meeting on 23-25 October. [...]

Educating Cities’ Award: candidatures received

After the closing date for sending applications to the Educating Cities’ Award to good practices in “Values-Based Education”, a period for sending claims and corrections is now open.

“Bold Women”: job training and gender equality

New initiative by Alcobendas at the IAEC Bank of Experiences! [...]