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World Humanistic Cities Network

To foster global cooperation among local government leaders and scholars through humanistic exchange, Andong City is leading in establishing the “World Humanistic Cities Network (WHCN). [...]

IAEC Code of Ethics

Have you already submitted your resolution proposal for the third practical case? [...]

IAEC Code of Ethics

January 29th, last day to submit the resolution proposal for the second practical case! [...]

International Day of the Educating City

Educating Cities have once again demonstrated creativity and the countless opportunities that our cities offer, in an inclusive and participatory manner. [...]

UCLG’s Global Campaign “10, 100, 1000 Human Rights Cities and Territories by 2030”

We echo the second wave of this global campaign by UCLG, which aims at gathering 1,000 Cities and Territories worldwide with a view to build an active community of Local Governments promoting and implementing human rights to ensure dignity for all.

Greetings from the IAEC President

In his message to member cities, the new IAEC President and Mayor of Barcelona emphasizes education as a key to tackling global challenges within municipalities, promoting alignment with culture, research, and urban planning, and striving for social transformation and cohesion. [...]

Season’s Greetings

Message from the IAEC Delegated Chairman. [...]