How to Join?

Any city that commits to follow the principles of the Charter of Educating Cities can join the IAEC.

The requirements for formalising membership are as follows:

  1. Fill out all the sections on the IAEC membership form, signed by the Mayor.
  2. Membership approval by the higher municipal decision-making body of elected politicians (City Council, Municipal Council, Plenary Council or others).
  3. Send a copy of the IAEC membership form and the agreement of the aforementioned body to the Secretariat. The Association will send you the membership fee invoice.
  4. Payment of the fee.

Member cities undertake to follow the principles of the Charter of Educating Cities and to participate in the IAEC channels of debate, exchange and collaboration.

2022 FEES

(*) GNI per Capita 2020 (Atlas methodology) according to World Bank.
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