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      ⚠Hoy es el último día de inscripciones para participar de la tercera edición del Diálogo "Las Juventudes y las políticas públicas en las Ciudades Educadoras" que tendrá lugar en el Aula Virtual. ✍Incsripciones: +info:

      Con mucha alegría le damos la bienvenida a Salvatierra como integrante de la Red Mexicana de Ciudades Educadoras, trabajaremos de la mano para construir una mejor sociedad.

      ♦️Local stories show that local & regional governments can simultaneously become policymakers, implementers & shapers of the Global Agendas

      Don't miss our 3rd Report "Towards the Localization of the SDGs" ▶️

      📌#LocalizingSDGs #Local4Action #UCLGCongress

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      The International Congresses take place every two years and constitute a key moment in the life of the Association. They are the culmination of sustained, continuous work of the cities and the networks.

      They constitute an opportunity to delve deeper into one or several specific aspects of the Charter of Educating Cities and disseminate, contrast and exchange best practices. Furthermore, they are a unique framework in which cities learn from each other and facilitate the establishment of new contacts and future collaboration.

      The knowledge of the initiatives of the city that hosts the Congress and the contact with local agents are other relevant elements on the agenda. The organization of the International Congresses of the IAEC is reserved exclusively to member cities.

      Next Congress

      Katowice 2020

      Music, environment, recreation, participation

      The next Congress of the International Association of Educating Cities will take place in Katowice (Poland) in 2020.

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