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Focus Experience 29

The House of Urban Cultures of Dakar, in Senegal, was created to promote a new framework of expression and training for young people waiting to devote themselves professionally to different urban cultures, such as hip-hop, disk-jockeying, graffiti, dance, urban poetry, etc. [...]

Interview with Mayor of Suseong-Gu, Mr. Jin Hoon Lee

Interviewed by the Association, the Mayor of Suseong-gu, Mr. Jin Hoon Lee describes the learning policies in the city and other initiatives put in place to foster a culture of leisure and social harmony. [...]

Focus Experience #28

The Israel-Palestine Project: for improved understanding was created in order to make secondary students in Brussels (16-18 years old) aware of the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and thus build greater social harmony in the city. [...]

Monograph City, Living Together and Education

We are pleased to present the 6th Monograph City, Living Together and Education. [...]

Focus Experience #27

The current edition of Focus Experience introduces the programme “Reintroducing a forgotten figure: the Square Custodian”, which are Educating agents that care and promote a better living together parks in Rio Cuarto (Argentina). [...]

Information Bulletin 26

The issue number 26 of the IAEC's Information Bulletin is now available. This edition contains, among other information, an interview with the Mayor of Paredes (Portugal), Mr Celso Manuel Gomes Ferreira, and good practices from General Alvear and Changwon. [...]

Focus Experience #26

The current edition of Focus Experience introduces the Makerspaces at the Espoo (Finland) City Libraries, collaborative work sites where people of different ages and interests help each other by sharing the facilities and tools, as well as knowledge, experience and ideas. [...]

Learning about Sustainable Development Goal 4

The Association presents a video undertaken in partnership with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) so as to disseminate the contribution of the local governments on the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4. [...]

Report on Activities 2016

The IAEC Report on Activities 2016 is already available. [...]