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News of Latin America

Meeting of the Mexican Network of Educating Cities

The Explore Science Center in Léon-Guanajuato hosted the Mexican Network (REMCE) meeting on 27th September. [...]

2nd Meeting of Educating and Intelligent Cities: Building Educative Areas

The meeting intends to promote, disseminate and deepen the concept of educating and intelligent city as a strategy for urban and social development in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) cities. [...]

Conference on Educating Cities at the Ribeirão Preto National Book Fair

The city of Vitória, coordinator of the Brasil Network of Educating Cities (REBRACE), has been invited to participate at the 19th edition of the National Book Fair of Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo). [...]

4th Congress of the Argentinian Network

Godoy Cruz hosts the 4th Congress of the Argentinian Network (RACE) on 30-31 May, with the theme 'Sustainable Cities and Communities'. [...]

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Congress of Mexican Educating Cities

The city of León-Guanajuato hosts the Congress of the Mexican Network of Educating Cities (REMCE) on 4-5 April, with the theme ‘Educating City, creating spaces for peace’. [...]

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The IAEC welcomes Mexico’s new mayors

The local authorities of Ciudad de México, Colima, Ecatepec de Morelos, Guadalajara, León, Morelia, Playa del Carmen and Zacatecas toof office in recent weeks. [...]

Caguas (Puerto Rico) holds several IAEC activities

The city of Caguas receives the training course "Governance in Educating Cities of Latin America" on 22 and 23 October 2018.

Regional meeting – South Córdoba Educating Cities (Argentina)

The Regional Meeting of Educating Cities from South Córdoba took place in the city of Río Cuarto on August the 3rd. [...]

Meeting of the Brazilian Network of Educating Cities

The Brazilian Network of Educating Cities (REBRACE) met on August 9th in Santo André with the participation of 11 cities. [...]