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📚📖📝 #Olot acull demà la jornada ‘Ciutat i Joves’, el punt de trobada i espai de reflexió impulsat per XCECG @EducatingCities per potenciar l’educació en el seu sentit més ampli. #educació: #present i #futur.


#CiutatsEducadores @olotciutatedu

El Día Internacional de la Ciudad Educadora tendrá lugar en en #Gijón/#Xixón del día 25 de este mes hasta el 1 de diciembre.

Más de 80 actividades para todos los públicos. Consulta el folleto y las actividades

The Northern European Group meets in Brussels

The members of the IAEC Northern Group met in Brussels on 10-11 October. [...]

9th Asia-Pacific Network Meeting Register to participate!

The Asia-Pacific Network of Educating Cities meets in Dangjin (Korea) on 17-18 October with the theme ‘Sustainable City and Education’. The meeting is jointly organised with ICLEI Korea Office. [...]

Meeting of the Mexican Network of Educating Cities

The Explore Science Center in Léon-Guanajuato hosted the Mexican Network (REMCE) meeting on 27th September. [...]

IAEC Executive Committee Meeting in Katowice

The IAEC Executive Committee meets in Poland on 19-20 September to prepare the 16th International Congress of Educating Cities 'Music, environment, recreation, participation' (Katowice, October 2020). [...]

2nd Meeting of Educating and Intelligent Cities: Building Educative Areas

The meeting intends to promote, disseminate and deepen the concept of educating and intelligent city as a strategy for urban and social development in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) cities. [...]

Start of the R&D Project ‘Childhood and Participation’ led by the University of Barcelona (UB)

The UB invites the IAEC to participate in the R&D project: ‘Childhood and Participation. Assessment and Proposals for an Active & Inclusive Citizenship in Spanish municipalities'(RTI2018-098821-B-I00). [...]

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International Youth Day

The IAEC joins the celebration of the International Youth Day, 12 August, sharing projects of member cities related to youth. [...]

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Towards the Localization of the Sustainable Development Goals

The International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) have contributed to the Third High Level Political Forum Report on Local and Regional Governments: ‘Towards the Localization of the SDGs’. [...]

Seminar ‘The City as a Learning Environment’ in Valencia

The city of Valencia hosts a training for City Council public servants and teaching staff of the Education Department of the regional government, with the participation of the IAEC Secretary General and several member cities. [...]