Andong 2022

16th International Congress of Educating Cities

Andong 2022

"Shaping the future of education: innovation, tradition and inclusion” 

The 16th International Congress will take place in Andong (Korea), on 25-28 October 2022. Join us!

The Congress seeks to exchange best practices on how to build sustainable Educating Cities where the past, present and future coexist, based on a holistic understanding.

The value of education lies in properly understanding human nature and guiding people to develop their full potential and to foster living conditions of equality and justice. Education must aim to complete well-rounded human beings capable of addressing challenges both at individual and community level.

In addition to learning from the historic experience accumulated by Andong city, participants will have the chance to reflect through inspiring lectures and to share and exchange best practices in a peer-to-peer dynamic.

The event will cover the following axes:

  • Traditions and identity: learning from the past
  • Inclusion: creating a city for all through education and values
  • Technology and social innovation: fostering a human-centred and sustainable city

We will circulate more information on the presentation of experiences and the development of the Congress soon.

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