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Mexican Network meeting

First meeting of the Mexican network coordination after the appointment of the new municipal teams. [...]

Brazil Network

The coordination of the Brasil Network meets on 9 November. [...]

10th IAEC Asia-Pacific Regional Network Meeting

The Asia-Pacific network meets on 6-7 October in Andong with the theme "Directions of lifelong learning in the post-COVID-19 era" [...]

The transition from school to the workplace

Don't miss out this dialogue on innovative civic /pre-professional practices led by the cities of Barcelona, Brussels and Buenos Aires, organised by the IAEC Delegation for Latin America!
Places are limited, registration is required and first come first served basis applies.

Argentina Network meeting

The Argentina network meets on 17 September to prepare the upcoming 5th National Meeting (Venado Tuerto, 26 November) and the International Day of the Educating City! [...]

8th Meeting of Educating Cities in Brazil

The REBRACE online meeting takes place on 26-27 August, based in the city of Curitiba, Paraná. Follow it here live! [...]

Brasil Network Meeting

Thursday 8 July the Brazil Network meets and Curitiba is appointed as the new network coordinator. [...]

Dialogue of Mayors

Mayors of Avilés (Spain), Cañada de Gómez (Argentina), Playa del Carmen (México), Salvatierra (México) met to discuss how they face the impact of the health crisis caused by the pandemic and to share lessons learned and challenges. [...]

Meeting of the Brazil Network

The online meeting of the Brasilian Network: "Educating Cities and the new challenges posed by Covid-19" took place on 25 June. [...]