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National Meeting of the Portuguese Network

Torres Novas organises the meeting of the Portuguese Network of Educating Cities in May.

11-05-2023    Networks

With the presence of representatives from 40 municipalities and under the theme “Education for Science and Sustainability”, the National Meeting of the Portuguese Territorial Network of Educating Cities took place in the auditorium of the Gustavo Pinto Lopes Municipal Library in Torres Novas, on May 12th. On May 13th, a visit to some environmental education facilities, namely the Lapas Caves and the Monumento Natural Pegadas dos Dinossáurios, was scheduled.

After a musical and dance performance presented by students from Torres Novas, the Deputy Mayor from Torres Novas, Dr. Luís Silva, and Lisbon’s City Councillor for Education, Dr. Sofia Athayde (representing the Coordination Commission of the Portuguese Network) welcomed all participants.

The meeting consisted of the presentation of four projects within the scope of Torres Novas Educating City:

  • Education, Science, and Natural Heritage
  • Learning to (Better) Ride a Bicycle
  • Walking and Running Center
  • Valorization Project of Torres Novas’ Black Fig.

Subsequently, the participants, divided into two groups, visited the Gustavo Pinto Lopes Municipal Library and Municipal Archives, the Carlos Reis Municipal Museum, the Virgínia Theater, and the Castle of Torres Novas.

After lunch, the environmental short film “Boquilobo – Reserve of the Future” was presented, focusing on the fauna and flora of this natural reserve.

Next, the Portuguese Network meeting took place. Amendments to the network and Coordination Commission regulations were approved, as well as the 2023 Activity Plan, and the 2023 Budget.Participants were briefed on the developments that took place at the Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings held in Seville.

The City of Torres Vedras presented the progress in the organisation of the 9th National Congress of the Portuguese Network, which will take place in November, and the coordinators of the present thematic groups presented the status of their work.



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