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8 March, International Women’s Day

We reaffirm our commitment to work towards a society where every person has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive, regardless of their gender.

07-03-2024    Experiences' bank

The municipalities committed to the principles of the Educating Cities Charter firmly believe in equality between men and women, and recognize that education is a fundamental pillar to achieve this goal.

Through our urban policies and within our educational institutions, we work to promote this equality and to eliminate any barriers that prevent equitable access to training and employment opportunities. Likewise, we work to foster an environment that promotes values for the construction of a more just society, where caregiving, primarily carried out by women, is recognized, valued, and shared. Additionally, we promote the active participation of women in decision-making spaces and in the formulation of public policies to ensure they are taken into account.

In this edition, the theme chosen by the United Nations is: “Investing in Women: Accelerating the Process”. We join this celebration by sharing a selection of recent initiatives of interest that have been published in the BIDCE Experiences Bank, covering diverse areas from combating gender violence to promoting inclusive sports, employment, or comprehensive support.

Don’t overlook them!


Sport Expérience: which sport are you into? [Brussels]

The program seeks to create inclusive mixed sports spaces in which gender stereotypes are questioned, combining enjoyable, dynamic sport activities with workshops that foster philosophical reflection.




“Bold Women”: job training and gender equality [Alcobendas]

Project for the long-term unemployed who seek to raise the profile of women through creativity, personal guidance and technology using a series of books that pay homage to those who have fought and dedicated their lives and their work in order to change the world.




The fight against gender-based violence: ‘Purple Points’ and Centres for the Promotion of Egalitarian Behaviours [Playa del Carmen]

Solidaridad launches a strategy to promote public policies with actions in favour of the rights of women victims of gender-based violence and their children, as well as the promotion of egalitarian and positive behaviours in men.



‘Acompañar’ Programme: Lifelong Learning [San Justo]

A comprehensive and permanent socio-educational accompaniment programme that arises as a municipal public policy, where actions are articulated from different areas of the local government and with multiple actors in the community, in order to improve the life trajectories of the inhabitants, with a special focus on individuals affected by issues such as social exclusion and gender inequalities.


Check out all the detailed information in the BIDCE Bank of Experiences.

Join the International Association of Educating Cities to create a more egalitarian future!

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