San Justo

© Miguel Ángel Prida (Wikimedia commons) Argentinian city located at the center of the Province of Santa Fe and capital of the Department of the same name. The city occupies a surface of 790 km². San Justo is a city whose economy is mainly based on agriculture and stockbreeding. San Justo has several social and sport institutions, which organize event at national level such as the International Festival of Dressage and Folklore.

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Interview with Mr. Nicolás Cuesta, Mayor of San Justo

Mr. Cuesta shares with us his experience as the coordinator of the Argentine Network, the actions implemented to establish San Justo as an educating city, the integration of education into urban planning, the role of new technologies and the lifelong learning programs within the municipality. [...]

‘Acompañar’ Programme: Lifelong Learning

A comprehensive and permanent socio-educational accompaniment programme that arises as a municipal public policy, where actions are articulated from different areas of the local government and with multiple actors in the community, in order to improve the life trajectories of the inhabitants. [...]