© Francisco Anzola (Wikimedia commons) Brussels is the Capital of Belgium and of the Brussels-Capital region. It is located at the valley of the river Senne and has a surface of 32.61 km2. The city was founded in the 11th Century around its historic centre. In 1998, UNESCO declared World Heritage Site the Grand-Place. Eastside, there is the European Quartet where you can find the venues of the European Union and NATO. Thus, Brussels is a city with a high degree of European Union residents and people from other nationalities.

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Sport Expérience: which sport are you into?

The program seeks to create inclusive mixed sports spaces in which gender stereotypes are questioned, combining enjoyable, dynamic sport activities with workshops that foster philosophical reflection. [...]

Interview with Mayor of Brussels

Mr. Philippe Close reports on the city's initiatives in the areas of inclusion, equal opportunities, access to essential services, mental health, democratic citizenship and other good practices in formal and non-formal education. Don't miss it! [...]

School Street

It consists of temporarily closing the street (or part of it) that leads to a school while the pupils are arriving or heading home (approximately thirty minutes), in order to improve road safety and air quality. [...]

Civic Practicums

Students in secondary education participate actively in the social development of their city by carrying out humanitarian activities linked to very different environaments (social, health, preventive, education, culture, environment, maintenance and cleaning, etc.) in public or non-profit entities. [...]

Israel-Palestine: for improved understanding

This project was created in order to make secondary students in Brussels (16-18 years old) aware of the complexity of the Israel-Palestine conflict and thus build greater social harmony in the city. [...]