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23 April, World Book Day

Reading improves the language abilities of people and the role of schools and cities can be important in forming readers and awakening a taste for reading.

23-04-2018    World International Day

We know that reading improves the language abilities of people. While some habits are learned from families, schools and cities can also be important in forming readers and awakening the pleasure of reading. Knowing how to read is one of the pillars for the acquisition and transmission of knowledge. We live in a world surrounded by letters. Hence the importance of developing a taste for reading and the habit of reading.

Cities can generate spaces and moments that favor reading, and raise awareness on the heritage of the city and the libraries available to citizens. Sharing the taste for reading also contributes to better living together and to generate a feeling of belonging.

A selection of good practices from our Bank of Experiences on the promotion of reading are listed below:

Settimo Torinese: Trust in Archimedes’ Thrust

Sabadell: LECXIT Sabadell

Chacao: The Los Palos Grandes Library a citizen meeting place

Salt: Salt Planning Reading

Cieza: I’ll lend you my eyes

León: Digital Mobile Library

More good practices are available at our Bank of Experiences.


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