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22-02-2021    Experiences' bank


Sports, Art and Music program

The ‘SAM village’ project, managed by the residents themselves, is a community that pursues self-fulfilment, social integration and autonomy in the creation of spaces for learning. It is the community itself that is responsible for the development, planning, organisation and implementation of the programmes, with the support of the City Council. The programme aims to improve residents’ quality of life, as well as the functioning of the villages, through participation in sports and cultural activities, and the organisation of events. More information


Social inclusion through collective music practice

Project launched in 2014 committed to democratising access to culture for children and young people in situations of social vulnerability through collective orchestral practice. More information


Discovering and valuing the traditional knowledge of the territory

Network of spaces within the territory that recover local knowledge and traditions and highlight the importance of tangible and intangible heritage from Portugal’s Centro region. The different houses and places act as community museums and make up an educational and touristic route so that different audiences can learn about the range of traditional knowledge that the territory holds, from a creative and experiential approach; with relation to pottery, cheese production, music, poetry and gastronomy, among others. More information.


Dissemination and artistic residency programme for local performing arts groups

The project “Season of local creation in the Atrium” was born as a response to the demands of local groups dedicated to theatre, music, dance and other artistic languages, and offers the possibility of performing within the established programme of the theatre during the month of September each year, under professional conditions and with remuneration amounting to 70% of the box office takings. A technical or artistic residency is also offered in a bid to promote and guide local entities or artists who wish to benefit from this service, and the spaces of the “Ateneu de les Arts [Athenaeum of the Arts]” — a multidisciplinary artistic training centre — are made available to them for rehearsals or the pre-production of the performances. More information


Community co-creation participatory art project

The Sant Boi Town Council considers Mental Health a strategic axis of municipal policies, from a transversal and multidisciplinary perspective. The Community Art Laboratory (CAL) was born in this context with a twofold objective: working to break the stigmas suffered by many vulnerable groups (not only those with mental health problems, but also the elderly, migrants, adolescents and troubled families) and, secondly, facilitating access to culture and creative processes for many people who are not normally users. More information

MIRAGEM | Odemira

Performing arts project in the school environment

The project MIRAGEM aims to introduce the performing arts into the school environment, and is targeted towards students from 3 to 18 years of age. It is based on a programme of artistic activities (dance, theatre and music) that is interwoven with the school curriculum, using local culture to rejuvenate it and bring the memory and experiences of the territory in which they live to young people. The project introduces the artistic dimension into the classroom, promoting dialogue between artists and teachers, and transforming the school, classroom and surrounding spaces into stages and artistic settings. The intention is to offer unique experiences to students in order to motivate them to go to school every day. More information

LaB InDança | Santa Maria da Feira

Inclusive dance project

The project LaB InDança is based on the creation of a space that offers all people (in particular those with functional diversity) a multitude of experiences, both educational and in the arts, primarily in the field of dance, with the aim of promoting regular daily artistic practice. The project merges the concepts of social inclusion and contemporary dance to demonstrate that dancers, regardless of their abilities, can deliver dance performances of artistic excellence. More information

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