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General Assembly of Educating Cities

The 2022 General Assembly takes place in Tampere (Finland) on 30 March. Relive the study visits and watch the closing dialogue here!

22-03-2022    Assembly

The meeting is held face to face and online at the same time to enable that as many participants as possible attend.

The draft meeting agenda for the Extraordinary General Assembly is:

  • Modification of the IAEC Statues

The Ordinary General Assembly then takes place with the following agenda:

  • Reading and adoption of the previous minutes.
  • New members and leavers.
  • 2021 Report on Activities.
  • 2022 Action Plan.
  • 2022 International Day of the Educating City.
  • 2021 Financial report.
  • 2023 Budget.
  • Information on the 2022 International Congress of Educating Cities
  • Question time.

The event closes with a dialogue between the cities of Brussels, Lisbon and Tampere discussing the best practices that participants visit in Tampere. Watch it here:

Study visits only available for on-site participants. Delegates have the opportunity to visit innovative projects such as the Vuores School, which uses nature and environment as a learning space, the Vapriiki museum, located in an old factory hall or the Hiedanranta district, among others.

DOWNLOAD OFFICIAL PICTURES (courtesy of Tampere City Council) HERE

Check out the event programme here

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