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General Assembly in Seville

The Ordinary Assembly of the Association was held on March 22 and 23 in Seville in a hybrid format with more than 200 participants. Here you can see the official photos of the event.

23-03-2023    Assembly

The city of Seville hosted the 2023 Assembly of the IAEC and the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Association.

The Assembly approved the 2022 economic and activity report, the 2023 Action Plan, the 2024 budget and the new members and withdrawals. We welcome the cities of Malabrigo, San Vicente, Concórdia, Monte Horebe, Bordeaux, Lattes, Gongju City, Granada and Pineda de Mar!

During the Assembly, the slogan for the next International Day of the Educating City (November 30) was chosen. The celebration will be held under the slogan “Culture, a source of creation and learning in the Educating City”. We will work on a joint program of activities and we hope that many cities will join us!

Likewise, the delegates to the IAEC were informed of the entry into force of a Code of Ethics, approved by the Executive Committee, establishing the values ​​that should guide the behavior of all members of the Association.

In addition, the participants were able to enjoy the conference given by Astrid Agenjo “Caring cities: the importance of putting the sustainability of life at the center”. A presentation that made the attendees reflect on the importance of care and that will surely serve to improve local policies and reinforce common care in educating cities.

The city of Curitiba invited all educating cities to participate in the next International Congress of Educating Cities that will take place from May 21 to 24, 2024 in Brazil, under the theme “Sustainability, innovation and inclusion in the educating city: transforming the present”. The three axes of the Congress are (i) Social sustainability: inclusion and cultural pluralism, (ii) Environmental and economic sustainability: innovation and transformation of the territories and (iii) Education for sustainability.

Seville prepared a program of visits to good educational practices at civic, cultural and sports centers and the environmental field.

Official pictures courtesy of Seville City Council (see all official pictures here: ) :


Photos courtesy of Andong City Council:


Other photos:

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