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      VILLA CARLOS PAZ: Co-care in Carlos Paz: the right to equal care from the municipal community management

      The transition from a traditional family and maternal trend of care towards a more comprehensive perspective of the restitution of rights was facilitated by the City Council. So that those who do not have the possibility of outsourcing care can count on a public care system, collaborating in reducing gender gaps through different platforms so that people in their different life cycles can have instances of care and development, managing care comprehensively with a sense of community and equity, both privately and publicly.

      A situational diagnosis was carried out, which defined the prioritization of population groups, by life cycle, by gap in access to the social protection system, by territory and by violation of the right to care. The comprehensive approach, with a focus on rights from shared responsibility between citizens and the Local State, with respect to caring for and receiving care, to strengthen social and development networks, understanding that care is a community construction. The Municipality of Carlos Paz, through the different programs and lines of action, aims to guarantee the comprehensive well-being of people with some level of dependency. They include not only the recipients of care, but also the institutions and providers, and consider public strategies for access to services, resources and time to care and be cared for, forms of isolation due to the Pandemic, poverty and fragmentation.

      Contact: María Alejandra Roldán, Secretariat of Social Development, Education, Gender and Diversity

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