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      SÃO PAULO: ‘There is a Way Out’ Program

      ‘There is a Way Out’ Program provides support to financial autonomy of women who live in the city of São Paulo and are facing situations of domestic or family violence and are officially referred to the program by the justice department or other specialized services.

      The access to the program is determined by the arrival of women under domestic violence at the justice department or at a service of the social protection network. If economic vulnerability is also identified as an issue that contributes to maintaining the cycle of violence, the service suggests referral to ‘There is a Way Out’ Program, which inserts the woman in the labour market through partnership with companies, in addition to enabling the training, employability, and entrepreneurship of all women in situations of domestic violence, providing them financial autonomy and thus contributing to break the cycle of violence in which they are inserted.

      Contact: Talita Vieira Antonio, Municipal Secretariat of International Relations

      More information at the IAEC Bank of Experiences.