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      SANTO ANDRÉ: Municipal School of Environmental Education Parque Tangará / School Park

      THE EMEA – Municipal School of Environmental Education Parque Tangará / School Park is a place that promotes environmental education for citizenship and social welfare, in Santo André city, São Paulo, Brazil. It offers exploratory classes, workshops, educational projects, pedagogical sequences, plays and courses for teachers, students and the whole community. The themes are planned, reviewed and constantly revisited in order to meet the documents on environmental education, sustainability, awareness and social action within public policies and democratic management. It offers training activities, awareness/reflection activities, health, well-being, cultural knowledge and sports practices.

      To develop the program, EMEA works in partnership with different municipal areas, NGOs and civil society volunteers to offer education actions to students and the community, from the perspectives of health, well-being and income generation through sustainable actions. The proposals value the interdependence of the environment, strengthening local belonging. The EMEA’s goal is that everyone learns live in the city in a sustainable way and integrated with the environment, generating social transformation and forming more environmentally awareness and active subjects.

      Contact: Silvia Regina Ziantonio Morisco, Education Secretary / Educational Project Manager

      More information at the IAEC Bank of Experiences.