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      MISLATA: Inclusive playgrounds: coeducational playgrounds

      We have the imposition of a gender role according to our sex from the very moment of our birth. The role of boy/girl, man/woman begins to be forged from early childhood and that imposition (male – female) will affect adulthood in shaping the responsibilities that will be expected of the individual, depending on the physical characteristics with which he has come into the world.

      This inequality is latent in society, affecting people to a large extent from the first institutions of socialization, such as schools. Gender is learned through interaction with the environment in which we grow, it is for this reason that to break with the unequal role that men and women play in our society, the City Council of Mislata saw the need to act on the segregated occupation that was made of educational spaces, since it showed a clear predominance of the space occupied by masculinity, especially in the spaces and times of leisure. The main objective of this project was to transform school spaces into a key of equality in order to train, from early childhood, co-responsible citizens and equal citizens in rights and duties.

      Contact: Ana María Julián Ruiz, Department of Education
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