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      GUIMARÃES: Ave for All

      This project was created to encourage the citizens’ participation in the conservation and improvement of our rivers. The citizens are the main actors in a landscape transformation that is able to leave a better legacy for future generations.

      The “Ave for All” project proposes a multidisciplinary and dynamic approach to enhance citizen involvement in the water resources management. It was conducted in Ave River (Northwest region of Portugal). For a year, both the ecological quality and biodiversity of the Ave River were monitored, and restoration measures were promoted. Additionally, more than 120 theoretical and practical environmental education actions were carried out to empower target groups with tools to track freshwater quality, debate opinions, and standardize procedures among parish councils. Actions also included discussions with citizens, researchers, local authorities, and governmental entities about the citizens’ concerns and the proposal of measures that reconnect citizens with local rivers.

      Contact: Carlos Ribeiro, Executive Director of the Landscape Laboratory

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