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      ESPOSENDE: Generation S – Food Sustainability Program

      Esposende educates for sustainability by promoting change in attitudes and behaviour in the face of current world issues, in order to prepare citizens who are more capable of exercising a conscious, dynamic and informed citizenship in the face of the problems of the future.

      In this context, and fully integrated with emerging environmental concerns, the Municipality of Esposende recognizes that health and the promotion of well-being must occupy a central place in the policies of territories and communities, since they translate into preponderant factors for the its sustainable development. Without healthy people development is limited. The Geração S implemented in all schools in the municipality, constitutes a food sustainability plan, which is based on the following challenges: growth of world population, food safety, food waste, environmental health, food consumption, challenges for sustainable eating.

      Contact: Joana Miranda, Coordinator of the Health, Sustainability and Audit Division

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