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Through this online publication we bring you one of the more than 500 BIDCE’s experiences from different issues such as citizenship participation, leisure, lifelong learning, community development, sustainable development, intergenerational relationship, etc.

The Youth Educating Summer Program Toluca (Mexico)

The Youth Educating Summer Program is an initiative by which the Toluca Youth familiarize with their local government by participating in awareness campaigns.

Community promotion and intervention in the neighbourhood of Los Ámbitos Rivas Vaciamadrid (Spain)

A project of Community promotion and intervention in the neighbourhood of los Ámbitos in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Spain).

Outdoor Museum Godoy Cruz (Argentina)

An experience of public space renovation through moral painting by Godoy Cruz (Argentina).

The School Adopts a Monument Turin (Italy)

A program which promotes the appropriation and protection of historical heritage of Turin (Italy).

Cümelén Malargüe (Argentina)

An employment integration workshop for the disabled of Malargüe (Argentina).

White spot Loulé (Portugal)

A project of restoration of public spaces of Loulé (Portugal).

Transparency in Contracting Fair Medellín (Colombia)

An initiative of Medellin (Colombia) aiming at promoting the building of a city through the lens of transparency and legality.

A Green path with QR codes Viladecavalls (Spain)

A service-learning experience which approach environment and ITC’s to the students of Viladecavalls (Spain).

Burumi Jecheon (Republic of Korea)

A program that brings lifelong learning closer to all citizens of Jecheon (Republic of Korea).

Focus Experience

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