Physical activity, play and sport are important educational tools. Indeed, at the 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations in 2008 a resolution was adopted to encourage the use of sport as a tool for fostering education, health, development and peace. The objectives of the Millennium themselves highlight the role of sport in the eradication of extreme poverty.

Fostering the full development of the individual and healthy lifestyles, as well as kitting out public spaces for sport, are some of the objectives of educating cities.

Principles of the Charter: 1, 10 and 11

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Welcome to S.A.M town (Sports, Art and Music program)

The ‘SAM village’ project, managed by the residents themselves, is a community that pursues self-fulfilment, social integration and autonomy in the creation of spaces for learning. [...]

Torres Vedras Night Run

Torres Vedras fosters a healthy lifestyle, the knowledge of the city, and the use of public space through night runs across the city. [...]

Sport Inspires Me

The project is being put into practice in suburban disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Lisbon, with the objective of promoting social inclusion through sport regular activities for children and the young considered at risk. [...]

Network Sports in the Neighbourhoods

This is community and network project that uses sport as a tool for education and social integration of children and young people, rolled out jointly by various municipal departments and entities. The activities are carried out at the facilities of all the districts in the city. [...]

Marathon of Hope

It is a race with the objective of raising awareness among the population about sexually transmitted disease HIV/aids, through a massive initiative of games with educational and preventative messages, involving performers and the local media. [...]

Sport for All

The city of Praia, in need of recreational alternatives for young people, uses sport as a tool to fight social problems such as for example, urban violence. [...]



Opening of the 11th Congress