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Campaign against sexist aggressions: Purple Point

Campaign aimed at young people, especially women, which offers a service of care and guidance with regard to gender-based violence, in order to prevent sexist attacks and promote a climate of peaceful coexistence, enjoyment and a positive experience during nights out in the city of Gijón/Xixón. [...]

Doing Economics Together: Empowering Women from the Social, Solidarity and Popular Economy

This is an educational programme aimed at female entrepreneurs from the social, solidarity and popular economy, whom Rosario City Council has been mentoring in recent years on how to boost their projects by providing educational tools, technical assistance and/or marketing advice. [...]

There’s a Way Out Programme

The programme sets out to achieve financial independence for women who live in the city of São Paulo and who are experiencing situations of gender-based violence, supporting them to get a job that lets them become financially independent. [...]

Inclusive Playgrounds: Co-Ed Playgrounds

The project sets out to create school spaces for harmonious living, which do not exclude students based on age, sex or gender expression. [...]

Embroidering Resistance: Female Embroiderers in Alto Alegre

The project "Bordando Resistência: Bordadeiras de Alto Alegre" stems from a group of female Quilombola (Afro-Brazilian) embroiderers in Alto Alegre, in the city of Horizonte, who use art as a tool for empowerment, inclusion and autonomy. [...]

NIU Programme: care for pregnant women at social risk.

Care and support for pregnant women in situations of social and health risk during pregnancy and up to the child's first year of life. [...]

Codepillars Club: a space to encourage girls to study science and technology

The city of Caguas is promoting the Codepillars Club project with the aim of encouraging girls to take an interest in professions related to science, technology, engineering and design. [...]

Women Free of Violence Networks

Gender-violence prevention programme that promotes the empowerment of women, fostering their equality and citizen participation through the solidarity of women’s networks. [...]