Living together and peace culture

The Educating Cities' Charter preamble reads:
"Cities in all countries must use their local dimension to act as experimentation and consolidation platforms for full democratic citizenship, as driving forces behind peaceful living through training in ethical and civic values, as ways to respect the plurality of the possible forms of democratic government, and as incentives for fostering well-designed representation and engagement tools. Education based on values and human rights is more pressing than ever before, as it gives meaning, provides encouragement, draws up a democratic roadmap and enables people to live together peacefully".
In addition, according to principle 3:
"The city will promote education in diversity for social understanding, international cooperation, recognition of and respect for indigenous peoples and other ethnic groups subject to discrimination, and world peace. This education fights against any form of discrimination..."

Charter of Educating Cities


Focus Experience

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World Refugee Day

This educational project is aimed at the upper primary cycle of education using awareness and artistic languages to offer a space for reflection, action and community engagement in order to promote providing shelter. [...]

Interfaith dialogue

The initiative seeks to promote exchange, knowledge and respect, both between different religions and beliefs among themselves, and between faiths and citizens in general, promoting social cohesion and the construction of peace. [...]

Air-raid shelter: Discovering the past, a reflection for the future

The shelter is a testimony to civil resistance that allows us to learn from the past and reflect on the dangers and consequences of armed conflict. Further, it contributes to the creation of a collective identity by discovering and recovering forgotten aspects of local and national history. [...]

In Terms of Coexistence

A socio-educational and cultural space for young people in detention centres. [...]

Anti-racist education for the inclusion and valorisation of ethnic and cultural diversity

Educational programme to raise awareness of the past and lay the foundations for a society that respects and takes pride in its diversity. [...]

In the heart of my childhood

Project to promote inter-generational relations that provides meeting spaces for children, youth and the elderly in rural communities through activities that link memory, life and art. [...]

Citizens Like You

Program aiming at improving the harmonious living in the city through citizenship education, positive recognition of behaviors that contribute to the common good and public communication [...]

Co-ed Playgrounds

It consists of designing non-sexist spaces in schools and town squares for infant and primary schoolchildren, expanding the variety of games, based on equality criteria and with the active engagement of girls and boys. [...]

From here and there

A radio programme that was created in 2007 with the idea of devoting a slot on the municipal radio station, El Prat Ràdio, to immigrants who live in the town, giving them a voice as presenters and protagonists of the programme. [...]

Women Free of Violence Networks

Gender-violence prevention programme that promotes the empowerment of women, fostering their equality and citizen participation through the solidarity of women’s networks. [...]

The Human Library of Valongo for Students

The inititative of Valongo is unique and mainly addressed to young people from 14-15 years old, in order to confront stereotypes and prejudice, and foster values-based education through awareness. [...]

Israel-Palestine: for improved understanding

This project was created in order to make secondary students in Brussels (16-18 years old) aware of the complexity of the Israel-Palestine conflict and thus build greater social harmony in the city. [...]