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ROSARIO: Abre Plan at Rouillón et Seguí

Citizen participation as a tool for collective construction of more user-friendly residential environments.  

Through the Abre Plan the City Council of Rosario has been developing a comprehensive intervention to improve the quality of life, social harmony and the safety of the citizens residing in neighbourhoods whose residential environment has deteriorated and where the social exclusion risk indicators are high.

The intervention is structured along two working lines: infrastructure and social harmony, both of which are based on citizen participation as a structuring element. In order to improve the physical environment we have carried out strategic infrastructure works linked to the improvement of habitat, facilities, sewage, and access to water and electricity. With regards to social harmony, we have been working to strengthen the social networks in the neighbourhood, fostering social encounters, non-violent conflict resolution and social harmony in public spaces as elements for preventing violence and ensuring citizen safety.

The actions take place in permanent coordination with the residents, as well as with the participation of social organisations and private individuals living in the area who meet periodically in order to collectively build consensus.

Check out the Bank of Experiences for more details on the project.

More information: http://www.rosarionoticias.gob.ar/page/noticias/tag/Plan%20Abre
Contact: Ms. Lionella Cattalini, General Coordinator of the Abre Plan
E-mail: lcattal0@rosario.gov.ar