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RÍO CUARTO Urban Recyclers Program

Improvement of the quality of life of urban salvage workers through a comprehensive focus.

In light of the increase in safety and health risks and the job-precariousness related to urban recycling activity, the city council of Río Cuarto has set up a comprehensive initiative to improve the quality of life of the people who are carrying out this activity. Based on a diagnostic study the situation of the families who live off this activity is analyzed. They are offered viable alternatives for economic sustenance if they wish to abandon their current salvage jobs (access to social economy initiatives, processing of subsidies and pensions, training, guidance, etc.).

For those families that decide to continue their salvage work, their skills are strengthened in order to optimize their economic performance while promoting the replacing animal-driven cartage with motorized vehicles through micro-credits. At the community level we foster environmental education and waste selection while developing policies to protect the rights of urban recyclers and institutionalize recycling policies.

Check out the Bank of Experiences for more details on the project.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/programarecuperadores.urbanosderesiduos/
Contact: Mr. Silvio R. Rasmusen, Delegate Councilor of Río Cuarto Educating City
E-mail: rasmusensilvio@gmail.com