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RENNES: Hotel Pasteur

A former science faculty converted into a space for learning and experimentation that has been organized through citizen participation.

In 2012 the City Council of Rennes, the owner of the building, got involved in an experimental, innovative process, through citizen participation, in which different local entities and the citizens themselves drew up proposals for the future of the building and its new uses.

This is how the current concept of the Hotel Pasteur came to be. It is made up of three different projects: The Projects Hotel which houses different initiatives through a versatile space that changes in accordance with the needs of the activities. A day-care center, which will include a reading room, a psycho-motricity room, a lunchroom, etc., which will be used by the neighborhood. And an experimental laboratory in new educational technology (EducLab), open to the neighborhood and where knowledge will be shared. The last two projects will be in operation by September 2019.

Multiple players have taken over the facilities in order to create and experiment, thanks to their participation throughout the process. Designed as an educational space, work is done in collaboration with other entities in the educational and vocational training community.

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More information:

Contact: Ms. Sophie Ricard, Architect Coordinator of the Hotel Pasteur Project
E-mail: sophie.ricard@territoires-rennes.fr