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MEDELLÍN: Children and Youth Citizen Participation Nurseries

To motivate and channel the active participation of children and young people through empowering social organisations working with children.

The program attempts to strengthen the development of skills in citizen participation by ensuring, moreover, that thus educational model becomes a permanent asset of the communities involved. In order to achieve this long-term effect, we work closely with community organisations that act as “godmother organisations” by providing a link with children and adolescents in the different territories where they already are intervening.

The program begins with a prior training process for people that are going to invigorate these clusters directly with the children and young people, in order to prepare them in the conceptual and pedagogical aspects required. At the same time there is also a training process for the “godmother organisations” so that, in addition to setting up the clusters, they can monitor-assess them and ensure that the activities attain the transforming scope, along with the future sustainability of the program.

Check out the Bank of Experiences for more details on the project.

More information: https://www.medellin.gov.co/irj/portal/medellin?NavigationTarget=navurl://ec035e3b7a14b3eccb8ae0a877ddcc84
Contact: Mr. Julián I. Tamayo Blandón, Assistant Secretary for Training and Participation
E-mail: julian.tamayo@medellin.gov.co