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BARAKALDO Giltzarri Participation Platform

A space offering young people the chance to participate and get involved in the affairs of the city by-passing traditional structures.

The Giltzarri Platform was set up as a space through which to channel the participation of the adolescent and youth population of the city, fostering self-leadership and co-responsibility, and in order to break with the stereotyped negative image of young people. Thus, at different public high schools in the city an educator/guide helps interested young people materialize their concerns through interest groups that organize activities in coordination with different entities in the city.

This initiative is based on the fact that leisure time is a fundamental space in the life of a youth, where significant learning takes place and socializing links are forged. The young people meet in the Assembly, where the lines of work of the Platform are established. Moreover, a training program for youth counsellors is established in which they work on content related to project design, group dynamics, leadership, social and communication skills.

Thanks to the Project, 70% of the activities addressed to the adolescent and youth population have been self-managed by the young people themselves, and new youth associations linked to their neighborhoods of residence have been created. Around 400 young people participate regularly and more than 500 initiatives in socio-cultural participation led by young people have been rolled out during the 10 years that the project has been operating.

Check out the Bank of Experiences for more details on the project.

More information: http://www.giltzarri.info/
Contact: Ms. Mireia Parra Mezo, Youth Service of the Barakaldo City Council
E-mail: barakaldoqaztea@barakaldo.org