The Colombian city of Medellín is located at more than 1,500 metres above sea level in the Aburrá Valley and occupies a surface of 380 km2. It is the capital of the Antioquia’s Department and has a population of 2,810,480 inhabitants and a density of 6,925 inhab./km2.

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Culture Lives Here: CATUL Network

Network of Culture Houses, Theatres, Articulated Life Units and Sound Production Laboratories. [...]

Citizens Like You

Program aiming at improving the harmonious living in the city through citizenship education, positive recognition of behaviors that contribute to the common good and public communication [...]

Children and Youth Citizen Participation Nurseries

Training processes addressed to children, young people and their families are established in all the districts of the city in order to foster skills that help optimize democratic citizen participation, through social dialogue and community interaction, among others. [...]

Organized Living Units – UVA

About twenty large-scale facilities, distributed all over the city, in order to foster places where people meet and have access to recreational and cultural activities, have been designed with the citizen participation. They are free and accessible to the entire population. [...]

CITIES FOR LIFE Global Meeting 2015

Medellin will host the CITIES FOR LIFE Global Meeting 2015 on August 31st and September 1st. This event will bring together mayors and city managers to discuss the role of cities in a globalized world, to share experiences and knowledge about urban innovation so as to build cities for life. [...]

The EnCicla public bicycle system

A sustainable mobility proposal for the city of Medellin and the Metropolitan Area of Aburrá, an alternative system integrated into, and complementary to the city’s mass public transit system. [...]

The Transparency in Contracting Fair

Through this project, the City Council of Medellin informs to the citizens about the city’s purchasing plan, investment budgets and operations, the list of contracting and tendering processes, and financial, and, especially social, results, of their undertaking. [...]

Good Start Programme

The Programme was designed in order to provide comprehensive care to the city’s vulnerable child population, from pregnancy to 5 years old. Thus, the children receive care from an interdisciplinary team of professionals and from different public services. [...]

Sos Paisa, the Antiochs’ Network Abroad

This initiative seeks to preserve a sense of belonging to the city by its citizens (demonym: paisas) who live abroad, making them “goodwill ambassadors” and encouraging their active participation through volunteering. [...]