Democratizar o acesso à cultura e promover tanto iniciativas de vanguarda, como a cultura popular, são alguns dos compromissos assumidos pelas Cidades Educadoras neste capítulo. Por outro lado, a criatividade e a inovação cultural constituem um importante fator de desenvolvimento socioeconómico das cidades e uma via de inclusão dos coletivos desfavorecidos.

Princípios da Carta: 2, 7 e 13.

Experiências - Notícias

The Board of Historical Studies

To enrich, consolidate and guide the historical research project as well as protect, disseminate and promote the history, heritage and community memory of the Department of Godoy Cruz are the objectives of this initiative. [...]

The House of Urban Cultures

This space was created to promote a new framework of expression and training for young people wanting to devote themselves professionally to different urban cultures, such as hip-hop, disk-jockeying, graffiti, dance, urban poetry, etc., thus providing them with new job opportunities. [...]

Memory & Life

Through this initiative it is intended that the public cemeteries of Sao Paulo are perceived as open-air museums, places of learning that preserve part of the history and art of the city. [...]

Gamcheon Cultural Village

In 2010, the local Government of Saha-gu, in collaboration with urban planners, artists and the residents, had the idea of regenerating the degraded area of Gamcheon through art and culture, and attracting tourism. [...]

The Archimedes’ Library

A new cultural and meeting place and a lifelong learning facility addressed to the citizens that brings traditional reading closer to scientific-oriented activities and to the new technologies, as well as to social inclusion initiatives. [...]

The Oriente Arts and Trades Factory – FARO

This initiative is both a cultural center and a training facility which has become a hub of artistic creation, a space for art-focused dialogue, and a forum for diverse and important cultural expression. [...]

Culture in the Square

The initiative consists in taking to the public squares different cultural manifestations through free interactive exhibitions, in order to stir the interest of citizens of all ages, incentivize their participation and have them appreciate the work of the cultural agents and institutions. [...]

Creative Orchestra

By the means of music this community project fosters social Integration, cross-generation relations and the value of recycling. An important part of the musical instruments come from recycled materials such as: electrical installation tubing, traffic signs, bottles, cans, buckets, etc. [...]

Art to Grow

The programme was created in order to build links between schools and cultural centres, based around the idea of running educational projects for children and young people. [...]