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@SauleNelson @institutopolis @Right2CityGP @PBraouezec @uclg_org @UCLGAfrica @ggshin @uclgaspac @GwangjuWHRCF @granollers "Those #LocalGovernments that enshrine #RighttotheCity and #HumanRights in their policies seek to provide spaces of education to citizens of all ages. They empower and support their creativity and initiative" Josep Mayoral (@Granollers) #UCLGCongress #CitiesAreListening

  • AICE
  • Associação Internacional de Cidades Educadoras. Avinyó 15, 4ª planta, 08002 Barcelona. Tel 34 933 427 720 Fax 34 933 427 429
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