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World Environment Day

The Association joins the celebration of the World Environment Day, 5 June, sharing with you some initiatives of the member cities and some publication focused on the protection of our environment.

05-06-2017    Dia Internacional

In a world that is more and more urban, cities have a great responsibility when it comes to time to achieving more a sustainable development that can satisfy the needs of current generations without compromising the capacity of future generations.

Thus, we present you good practices of recuperation, protection and knowledge of natural spaces, initiatives of sustainable mobility, experiences of promotion of sustainable consumption and recycling and of participative management of urban shared gardens.

You could consult the good practices here

Furthermore, we would like to share some publications of the Association on the point of view of local governments towards environment.

City, Environment and Education
Declaration of Changwon – 12th IAEC Congress Declaration

Further resources:
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
European Environment Agency (EEA)

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Dia Internacional da Cidade Educadora

Prémio Cidades Educadoras

Experiência Destacada

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👩‍🏫El Ayuntamiento de @malaga se suma a la celebración del Día Internacional de la Ciudad Educadora, organizado por @EducatingCities, para crear conciencia de la importancia de la educación en la ciudad.

➡️ @Luis_Verde

¡Muchas gracias a todas las personas que nos han acompañado en el acto conmemorativo del #educatingcityday 2022
👀Si te perdiste el evento, podrás ver la grabación próximamente en

🗣️ Un mapa situa tots els projectes i iniciatives de Reus Ciutat Educadora 👏👏

➡️ Demà dimecres dia 30 es commemora el Dia Internacional de les Ciutats Educadores

#Reus365 #ReusEducació @ReusCultura @ReusEsport @reusjove @EducatingCities