Vida saudável

"A saúde é um estado de completo bem-estar físico, mental e social, e não apenas a ausência de doença ou doença" (Preâmbulo da Constituição da Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS).

Além disso, de acordo com os Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável, é essencial garantir uma vida saudável e promover o bem-estar universal.

Por sua vez, a cidade educadora deve garantir a qualidade de vida de todos os seus habitantes (...), promovendo ativamente a educação para a saúde e a participação de todos os seus habitantes em boas práticas de desenvolvimento sustentável. (Princípio 11 da Carta das Cidades Educacionais).

Carta das Cidades Educadoras


Experiência Destacada

Experiências - Notícias

Health Parks

Open-air gyms that combine sport and recreation, in order to encourage adults to get physical exercise in a relaxed way, fight physical inactivity and stimulate social harmony. [...]

Comprehensive Female Genital Mutilation Prevention

A strategy of prevention and empowerment of women affected by Female Genital Mutilation, through which it is intended, on one hand, to encourage a change of mentality among the communities at risk and, on the other, to favour its eradication. [...]

Get Active in the Parks of Barcelona

Through this initiative the city's population, particularly those people over 40, can maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing some free sport activities in the city's parks and gardens, some of which are in the city's less privileged areas. [...]

Health on the go

This initiative provides free of charge health care at crowded points in the city in order to promote healthy habits and to prevent and detect chronic non-transmittable diseases. [...]

I Made the Menu

Children from 8 to 10 years old participate actively in the design of the school menu, with the help of specialists. The idea is to improve their knowledge of the importance of the quality of the food they eat, while seeking to make the food served in school lunchrooms to their liking. [...]

The Happy Learning Centre at Andong Hospital

In 2014 the Andong Hospital decided to open its doors to a Happy Learning Centre, so that patients, their families and visitors could benefit from training activities and workshops, as well as contributing through them to their emotional and physical welfare. [...]

Relating Life

Students of the Benviure School and adults who have been diagnosed with a mental illness work together to foster social integration. [...]


The City Council of Jecheon offers courses of lifelong learning to people who live far away from the educative centre or who have difficulties getting around, being the teachers who go where the participants are. This fact contributes also to the reduction of CO2 emissions. [...]

“Uruguayan Cooking” Food Education Programme

A mobile unit, fully equipped to develop cooking courses, goes over different areas of Montevideo with the objective of fostering healthy eating habits among the citizens. [...]