Atualmente, há 1,800 milhões de jovens no mundo entre os 10 e 24 anos, a maior população jovem da história. A população jovem mundial, que vive principalmente em áreas urbanas, cresce a uma taxa de 0,7% ao ano. Por isso, as políticas locais de juventude estão se tornando cada vez mais importantes na promoção, participação e melhoria da qualidade de vida desse setor de idade.

Incentivamos as cidades a assumirem o desafio de considerar o desenvolvimento e implementação de políticas inovadoras de juventude de natureza global e transversal, que fornecem recursos e serviços para alcançar a cidadania plena desse segmento da população.

Experiências - Notícias

Youth Strategy

A free program that aims to improve the conditions of employment and educational inclusion of young people and also adults and thus facilitate their transition from the educational to the work world, through an individual guidance process that accompanies the participants. [...]

ASPA Program: socio-educational and pre-employment support for adolescents

An initiative whose purpose is the implementation of a set of preventive actions, in order to compensate for the personal, family and social deficits present in adolescents and young people who are in a situation of social risk. [...]

Civic Practicums

Students in secondary education participate actively in the social development of their city by carrying out humanitarian activities linked to very different environaments (social, health, preventive, education, culture, environment, maintenance and cleaning, etc.) in public or non-profit entities. [...]

Open until Down

A program for healthy and free-of-charge recreation activities for young people from 13 to 35. It is developed by and for this group, based on leisure-time education through sport and cultural activities that are socio-educational and take place on the weekends, especially at night. [...]

Socio-Educative Youth Inclusion Programme

A proposal addressed to young people from 13 to 18 years old, to foster the return to school and social inclusion of young people who have left the formal education system or who are in school but not attending regularly. [...]

We Propose!

A project that invites secondary school students of the subject of Geography to identify the problems in the area of land-use planning, encouraging them to develop possible solutions to improve the construction of local policies. [...]

Study-Work Program

Young people who abandoned the school have a new opportunity to finish the Compulsory Secondary Education, through the incentive of offering them a labor contract while learning a trade. [...]


With the aim of fighting against inequalities, college students perform actions in the community in which they live in order to improve coexistence. In exchange they receive a room in a shared apartment, at an affordable price. [...]

You matter to me

Through this programme early teen mothers and fathers are provided with access and permanence to the formal educational system. [...]