Inclusão social

Num mundo onde as desigualdades sociais, económicas e de oportunidades entre os diversos setores da população tendem a agudizar-se, é necessária uma aposta firme e decidida no reforço de mecanismos que promovam o bem-estar e a proteção social dos coletivos mais vulneráveis.

É imperativo apurar, em primeiro lugar, quais são os mecanismos de exclusão e de marginalização que afetam as cidades. As cidades educadoras avançam na construção de cidades mais inclusivas desde uma abordagem integral, apostando na educação como motor de desenvolvimento pessoal e coletivo e de melhoria da convivência e da coesão social.

Princípios da Carta: 1, 2, 14, 15, 16 e 17.

Experiências - Notícias


Programa participativo de cinema amador desenvolvido por idosos e pessoas com diversidade funcional que frequentam as instituições sociais da Anadia. [...]

EnvolvAr-te – Circo por Todos

Programa de artes circenses voltado para pessoas com diversidade funcional. [...]

INcluir – Oficinas para Todos e para cada um

Oficinas artísticas inclusivas destinadas a pessoas com doenças mentais graves. [...]

The Human Library of Valongo for Students

The inititative of Valongo is unique and mainly addressed to young people from 14-15 years old, in order to confront stereotypes and prejudice, and foster values-based education through awareness. [...]

ASPA Program: socio-educational and pre-employment support for adolescents

An initiative whose purpose is the implementation of a set of preventive actions, in order to compensate for the personal, family and social deficits present in adolescents and young people who are in a situation of social risk. [...]

buntkicktgut: inter-cultural street football league

This initiative uses the power of street football to promote the contact and interaction between children and young people, immigrant or German-born, through an inter-cultural league. [...]

El Obrador

This facility was created to facilitate access to cultural assets for the population of the Rosario West district, one of the most underprivileged areas in the city, in order to give value to the identity-related features of this population, promoting their rights and helping with job finding. [...]

Morelian Women’s Bazaars

This program encourages female empowerment by offering them free training in different productive activities that can generate income. In the courses women are taught about how to create craft works that they later will promote and sell. [...]

Social pricing, a local initiative to foster equality of opportunities

In order to contribute to social equity, some municipal services implemented this calculation’ model that replaces the single price with a table of variable prices calculated on the basis of family income, that contributes to lower prices for lower incomes. [...]

Socio-Educative Youth Inclusion Programme

A proposal addressed to young people from 13 to 18 years old, to foster the return to school and social inclusion of young people who have left the formal education system or who are in school but not attending regularly. [...]

Educational Welcome Centres

They are support and advising sessions for foreign students and their families, prior to starting school. They address all education-related issues within the general framework of integrating into the local community and the school system. [...]


A social inclusion project addressed to transsexuals and transvestites in order to guarantee the dignity of this group of population, prioritising education as a tool of social transformation. [...]

BIP/ZIP Lisbon Program – Local Partnerships

A priority intervention program developed in neighborhoods and zones of Lisbon that seeks to implement actions to improve life’s conditions through the active participation of local associations and the citizenry living there, with financial and technical support of the City Council. [...]

Learning-Service in L’Hospitalet

A pedagogical methodology that combines, in one concrete action, the learning of a determinate part of the educational curriculum with undertaking a project that benefits the community, promoting coexistence, social cohesion and participation. [...]

Study-Work Program

Young people who abandoned the school have a new opportunity to finish the Compulsory Secondary Education, through the incentive of offering them a labor contract while learning a trade. [...]

The Human Library in the Vasconcelos

In order to foster dialogue and mutual knowledge, people that, due to their personal situations have to face prejudices and stereotypes, offer themselves to become a “book” which can be consulted by “readers” that show interest in getting to know these personal circumstances first-hand. [...]

Community promotion and intervention in the neighbourhood of Los Ámbitos

An action carried out with the aim of integrating the more than 200 families into the community, avoiding social alarm and the generation of a “nucleus of risk” that could turn the neighbourhood into a marginal “ghetto”. [...]

Zanardi Houses Project

This project is based on the common search for new and inventive solutions to the crisis -which has changed the families' circumstances-, through supportive responses.

You matter to me

Through this programme early teen mothers and fathers are provided with access and permanence to the formal educational system. [...]

Good Start Programme

The Programme was designed in order to provide comprehensive care to the city’s vulnerable child population, from pregnancy to 5 years old. Thus, the children receive care from an interdisciplinary team of professionals and from different public services. [...]


The Cümelén Productive Protected Workshop is an employment integration workshop for the disabled where they manufacture different products. This activity allows them to be integrated socially and in employment terms into the community. [...]

Inclusion Drivers Programme

Young volunteers participate in activities with the aim of integrating disabled people into the daily life. Through their leading role in awareness processes, they act as multipliers of their knowledge and spread the perspective of inclusion. [...]

The Toulouse Council of Foreign Residents

It is an advisory council where foreign non-EU residents in Toulouse can express themselves in order to fight against all forms of discrimination and promote diversity, equality, dialogue and conviviality. [...]