Segundo a Organização Mundial de Saúde (OMS), entre 2015 e 2050 a população mundial com mais de 60 anos de idade passará dos atuais cerca de 900 milhões para 2000 milhões, o que representa um aumento de 12% a 22%.

Os governos locais desempenham um papel crucial na tentativa de dar resposta aos desafios de uma Sociedade cada vez mais envelhecida. Apresentamos-lhe uma seleção de boas práticas de cidades-membro da AICE que decidiram tomar cartas no assunto promovendo a participação, a formação ao longo da vida, o diálogo intergeracional, a saúde e o bem-estar, a inclusão ou o empoderamento.

Experiências - Notícias

Healthy and Active Seniors

The goal is to integrate this group of population into the active life of the city, and thus improve their quality of life while providing a service to the community. The project is made up of two differentiated programmes: the Traffic Safety Programme and the Heritage Programme. [...]

Sensors: Multipliers Curbing Violence against the Elderly

Neighbourhood residents are given training as multipliers of “curbing violence against the elderly”. The workshops present situations that some of the elderly are living through and invite the participants to reflect on this problem from the perspective of the rights of the elderly. [...]

RADARS, community action project for the elderly

Network of Prevention and community action aimed at improving the wellbeing and the feeling of security of the elderly, reducing their loneliness, risk of isolation and social exclusion through the respectful care of the people around them. [...]

Seniors University

This is an educational centre that offers lifelong learning to the senior population in order to develop their skills, fighting against isolation and increasing self-esteem and autonomy. [...]

The Woojeong Village Happy Learning Center

This Centre fosters the integration Koreans coming from the Russian island of Sakhalin, generating opportunities for people to meet and exchange activities with the rest of the population. [...]

The Bitgoeul Senior Health Town

This Centre is dedicated to helping seniors to live a happy and wholesome life. This facility is regarded as an effective measure to prevent geriatric disorders, and for this reason it has become a reference place. [...]

Learning to take care of our elderly

It is a free training course that provides tools to people interested in the issue of caregiving for the elderly, fostering the acquisition of learning based on theoretical knowledge and the sharing of experiences. [...]

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The Council of Seniors

With this experience it is intended to stimulate the participation of people over 60 in city affairs. The Council organizes its thoughts and initiatives with associations mainly involved with seniors, the city council and experts in specific areas. [...]