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Notícias de palavras-chave: Río Cuarto

III Meeting of Argentinian Educating Cities

Within the framework of the III Meeting held in Río Cuarto on November 16th and 17th, the Argentinian Network of Educating Cities (RACE) has been formally established. [...]

Focus Experience #27

The current edition of Focus Experience introduces the programme “Reintroducing a forgotten figure: the Square Custodian”, which are Educating agents that care and promote a better living together parks in Rio Cuarto (Argentina). [...]

Dialogues for the construction of Rio Cuarto Educating City

The city of Río Cuarto (Argentina) hosted on May 4-5 a dialogue day on the construction of Río Cuarto as an Educating City with the aim of contributing to the dissemination and compliance with the principles of the Charter of Educating Cities in the Argentine city. [...]