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Asia-Pacific Network

Member cities: 28

Coordinating City: Changwon.

Coordinating Committee: Gunsan and Suseong-gu.


City of Changwon

151 Jungang-Daero, Uichang-gu,

Changwon, Gyeongnam (Republic of Korea)

Phone: +82-55-225-2376

E-mail: shb3327@korea.kr

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Focus Experience


Promotion on the IAEC in the Korea Lifelong learning workshop

The representative of Gumi, the host city of the Asia-Pacific network meeting in 2015, had a speech on the IAEC in the Korea lifelong learning workshop which was held on 19th March. [...]

IAEC 대한민국 회원도시 제13회 바르셀로나 세계총회 참가

창원시를 비롯한 국내 11개 회원도시에서 31명의 대표단이 제13회(2014) IAEC 바르셀로나 세계총회에 참가하여 평생학습을 비롯한 국내의 다양한 교육정책을 홍보하였다 [...]

Asia-Pacific Network Bulletin 1

The Bulletin number 1 of the Asia-Pacific Network is already available online. [...]

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