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Suseong will host the 8th IAEC Asia-Pacific Network Meeting on September

The 8th IAEC Asia-Pacific Network Regional Meeting will take place in Suseong-gu, Daegu (Republic of Korea) on September 14-15 and will focus on the theme “The Role of Educating Cities fostering Global Citizenship Education”.

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The current increasingly globalised and diverse world has raised questions about what constitutes full citizenship as well as its global dimensions. Local governments, because they are close to the people, they are able to better respond to the needs of their citizens and specifically to promote the emergence of a global citizenship.

The main objective of the IAEC Asia-Pacific Regional Conference is to promote a deep understanding of the potential role of local governments in the consolidation and management of Global Citizenship Education. In this regards, the 8th IAEC Asia-Pacific Regional Network Meeting will provide a unique space for discussion and collaboration and exchange of best practices for local governments in the Asia-Pacific Region on Global Citizenship Education.

The organizers will provide 2 days of Hotel accommodation, meals and local transportation for non-Korean participants. Should you be interested in participating at the 8th IAEC Asia-Pacific Regional Network Meeting, please have a look at the Concept Note and the Registration form you will find here below.

Should you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact Ms. Eun-jae Shin (ejshin2848@korea.kr) or Ms. Hyun-sook Ahn (llepro@korea.kr).